Migrant issues in EU-Turkey relations

I have focused on migration and the new walls in Europe.

I have analysed various official sources to find the different points of view and the decision of the European Commission.

The basis of my research is focused on the border between Turkey and Syria and consequently the ISIS issues and the war in Syria.

This has led to mass migration into Europe.

The EU is discussing how to stop this migrant flow and has drafted an agenda to manage the crisis.

The agenda proposes:

  • Tripling the presence on the sea
  • A new system of emergency solidarity to relocate asylum seekers
  • Mobilization of the European budget to address the refugee crisis
  • A new coordination and cooperation framework for the Western Balkans
  • A new partnership with Turkey
  • A new European border and coast Guard

If external borders are secure, Europe can keep the Schengen system of free border controls.

Even though the EU had prepared the agenda, Angela Merkel took initiative of direct discussions between herself and the Turkish President, to the surprise of the majority of the other European leaders.

Merkel agreed the “one in, one out” proposal and the sum of 3 Billion Euros for Turkey, without the acceptance of all 28 Member States.

This decision is a risk for Merkel’s reputation and position, and is leading to the breakup of the European project and pushing Britain out of the Union.

Given the situation, the European Commission has set out the priority actions on the agenda to be implemented immediately:

  • Permanent exchange of information and effective cooperation
  • Limiting secondary movements
  • Increasing reception capacity
  • Managing the migration flows together
  • Border management
  • Tackling smuggling and trafficking

Sorgente: Furlan Barbara     Migrant issues in EU-Turkey relations



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