Will Turkey be able to deal with its big issues?

The human cost of the PKK conflict in Turkey

I chose to analyze the topic Turkey and Kurds, about which I found many websites. I read deep analyses on Foreign Affairs Magazine and Limes on line, and news on sites like BBC, The Guardian, AlJazeera, Nena- news.it, Al-Monitor.com and others.

I didn’t realized before how much the Kurdish issue is deeply rooted in the Middle-East area. It has been going on from the end of the first World War without a solution. Since then, Kurds  have always fought to retain their ethnic, political and cultural identity.

It seems to me that Kurds don’t have a common vision about their future and they never have had a common political view. For example, in Turkey there is a moderate left party like HDP and others like PKK that are on more violent and radical positions, especially their most extreme fringes. A cease-fire was signed in March 2013 between PKK and the Turkish government. It looked like the end of a 30-year low-intensity war and the begin of a democratic political dialogue on Kurdish issue but, in July 2015, the relations between PKK and the government broke down again.

The present situation shows an escalation in fighting in Kurdish area in which the Turkish troops are bombing civilians, while in other parts of the country Turkish army and the civilians  are suffering constant attacks and suicide bombings from the Kurdish rebels.

In addition to this, President Erdogan is proposing to strip the citizenship to everyone related to Kurdish terrorism, including not only rebels but also, journalists, academics, politicians,.. everyone who support the Kurdish claims

The Kurdish question is only one of many problems Turkey has to deal with. There are arguments inside the country, like the secular nature of the state, the democracy, the freedom of expression and it cannot be forgotten the 3 million refugees from Syria, and almost 140.000 from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and other.

Outside, Turkey has difficult diplomatic relations not only  with its neighbours but also with Russia and the European Union, not to mention the old issue of Cyprus Nord.

Will Turkey be able to deal with these big issues? I think that the situation is very complicated and not solvable in a short time. However  for the Kurdish question, I believe that it would be desirable to cease the fire and to resume the peace talks.

Maria Maddalena Vanzin





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